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The next report to tax authorities have to be sent within 4 days. With this service it would be a lot of easier than what it is with other services. Order our service, save your nerves, time and money.
Why it is not enough to be only in 'Tilaajavastuurekisteri' ?
The link to the instructions concerning Individual Tax Numbers here
Do the ID card needed at building site by yourself - Save time and money - Report the obligatory data correctly and conveniently . Read more from here

With the Työmaakorttiheti-service you can announce the obligatory construction site contractor data correct and with very convenient way. Our service is easier than any manual or Excel based system and it works on Finnish, English, Swedish and Russian. Probably our service is the cheapest and best too. The service contains all necessary pages to manage all data needed for reporting and to enter the workers working hours. In addition to this you can have construction site ID cards containing the tax number and person photo when ever and where ever. With no need to go anywhere and with no need to wait. The only one needed is internet connection and the printer. The service works on every browser, with PC, tablet and with Windows Phone too.
BUY THE LISENCE TO USE THE SERVICE FROM OUR WEB SHOP - Report the obligatory data easy and correctly - Do the ID card needed at building site by yourself - Save time and money - Prices starting from less then ten euros (VAT 0%)

The dimensions of the card are 87 mm x 54 mm.
It looks like the card picture above.
On the card there is the name, tax number, job,
the name and VAT number of the company and the
picture and the tax number as barcode.

See the leaflet of the Työmaakorttiheti - service here русский здесь.
The user agreement of the service and register description